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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: Need help including c source

A very interesting approach.  Thank you for posting the reference.

At 12:08 PM 10/19/01 +0800, Rafael 'Dido' Sevilla wrote:
>On Thu, Oct 18, 2001 at 08:43:14PM -0700, M. Wroth wrote:
> > Another approach is the "literate programming" one of having the DocBook
> > source write the C source when processed.  This approach interests me
> > enough that I wrote the code to do it -- it's available at
> > http://www.west-point.org/users/usma1978/36200/LitProg/SGMLWEB/index.htm.
>I have another approach that is a little more general:
>Rafael R. Sevilla <sevillar@team.ph.inter.net>   +63(2)   8177746 ext. 8311
>Programmer, Inter.Net Philippines                +63(917) 4458925
>http://dido.engr.internet.org.ph/                OpenPGP Key ID: 0x5CDA17D8

Mark B. Wroth

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