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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: toc generation

Hello All,

Bob Stayton wrote:

> > I will see how far I get but maybe someone has allready done something
> > and is willing to share.
> >
> > I need to link to and fro through ID/IDREF.

Have sofar come up with something that I can work with  although it still
needs work and refinement.

> Well, you can't do much better than Norm's XSL stylesheets
> for examples.  Granted, they aren't exactly simple, but they
> are well designed and implemented.
> His approach is to generate the TOC when the document is
> processed for output, and the TOC goes to the output as
> well.  It never exists as generated XML with ID/IDREF.
> Rather, for HTML output it is <a name="foo"> and <a
> href="#foo">.  Similar output for FO output using the FO
> linking mechanism.

I am pretty impressed with Norm's work but my needs are different for my
The software I am using XSLT for/ with is capable of importing xml and working
with the tags and attributes for formatting. and cross referencing.
(Xyenterprise, Xml Professional Publisher ) As documents can be edited a lot I
think a safer approach would be to generate the ToC at the moment it is
getting published.

> If you want to generate an XML TOC, you could still model
> your stylesheet using his methods but outputing
> XML elements instead.

So far so good, I still have a lot to learn about XSLT but now I have the toc
generation going for a bit (and have done some other transormations) I can see
the power of it.

I will probably be looking through Norms work a lot  and I can also see that
it will be a long way before I can get close to his level.


Gerrit Kuilder

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