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Subject: RE: DOCBOOK-APPS: bookmarks in pdf

At 04:24 22-10-2001, Kaiser Christian (SV SC RS T33) wrote:
>But i've recognized that some bookmark items
>do have some appended characters. Looks like
>signs > 255. These signs are just rectangulars
>in this case.
>So, is that a case of source code?
>I wrote my XML sources in ANSI format. Should
>it be ASCII?
>(I'm terribly sorry for this question, but
>I'm really not sure about it)

I'm a little confused by this question - what exactly do you mean by "ANSI 
format"?  ANSI is a standards body, not a particular standard or format.

In any case, the XML parser should be determining the encoding used, or 
giving an error, and presenting normalized data to the XSLT engine.  So 
unless you managed to slip some weird character into your data that passed 
as one encoding but was differently meaningful to another, that shouldn't 
be the source of the problem.

Is it possible that the weird character is an ellipses or quotation mark, 
but displayed in some font (like "System") that doesn't have the Windows 
128-159 characters?

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