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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: Sun Resolver classes released

Bradford, Denis wrote:

 > As noted recently, I've got the Sun resolver classes working, but
 > not sure it's set up optimally. Is there some way to avoid hard
 > coding full catalog pathnames in the CatalogManager.properties file? 
All the specs I've sifted through indicate a full pathname - sure enough,
 > that's the only thing that seems to work, as in Norm's example:
 > catalogs=/share/doctypes/catalog
 > I must be missing something, because that seems very 
anti-portability. I'd
 > prefer to use an environment variable or relative path, like one of the
 > following:
 > catalogs=$SHARE/doctypes/catalog
 > catalogs=%SHARE%/doctypes/catalog
 > catalogs=catalog


I can't say I like this all that much as well. I currently using the old 
xmlcatalog code. The -D parameters are much easier to integrate in ant 
as ant gives the absolute path. Not sure what the optimal way is but 
maybe it could be a combination. Perhaps a default location related to 
the jar file could be imposed so the extra classpath entry doesn't have 
to be added for the config file location as this is a bit 
counter-intuitive. Maybe look for -D and if none exist then use the 
config file if found.

I also have some code for the path stuff for the config file that could 
be useful. It's a bit of a hack but at least would be good for some ideas.

p.s. any status on freeing the software source?

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