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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: pagebreak in pdf using fop

Dave Pawson (though possibly not the `strlen("Dave Pawson") == 11!!!' Dave)

>At 09:18 30/10/2001 +0900, Michael Smith wrote:
>>I don't think <beginpage/> is intended to be used as a way to force
>>pagebreaks in rendered output. I think it's supposed to be a way of
>>indicating where a pagebreaks was in some previous printed version of
>>whatever content it is you're marking up. So though it's not implemented
>>in the stylesheets, even if it were implemented, it definitely wouldn't
>>be implemented in such a way to cause a break in your rendered output.
>Mmm. That's how I wanted it to be used.
>Rationale please Michael?

The "Duck book" describes beginpage like so:

] Description
] The BeginPage element marks the location of an actual page break in a
] print version of the document, as opposed to where a page break might
] appear in a further rendition of the document. This information may be
] used, for example, to allow support staff using an online system to
] coordinate with a user referring to a page number in a printed manual.
] Processing expectations
] The break identified by BeginPage may be displayed in an online
] version of the document or used for legacy purposes, but it is not
] expected to cause a page break when the document is processed by an
] SGML system.

This sounds to me like <beginpage> is metadata describing the location of a
page break in a print version of a document, instead of an instruction, to
the formatter.


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