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Subject: DOCBOOK-APPS: RE: Adding [WINDOWS] to htmlhelp xsls

> <xsl:param name="htmlhelp.hhp.tail">
> ...
> </xsl:param>

htmlhelp.hhp.tail is handy, but I still have to modify the htmlhelp.xsl
templates at minimum to add the:
Default Window=MyWindow 
to the [OPTIONS] section of the .hhp, where "MyWindow" is a window name
in the [WINDOWS] section. In fact, I've discovered I have to add a
couple of other things too--see below. Looks like I need an
htmlhelp.hhp.options.tail to go along with htmlhelp.hhp.tail.
> > If I use FAR to generate an Index.hhk file, I can modify the tail to
> > point to it, and get bells, whistles, and an index:
> You don't need Index.hhk file when producing HTML Help from DocBook.
> Index entries are spread over HTML files as ActiveX components and
> Help Compiler collects them and create index for you.

If I use your xsls with no [WINDOWS] section, the index works fine as
you say (I'm guessing the htmlhelp compiler finds the markup you put in
the html files (e.g. <OBJECT type="application/x-oleobject"
name="Keyword" value="Foobar">) and builds the index from that. However,
when I do include a [WINDOWS] section (and add an entry for Default
Window to [OPTIONS]), I don't get an index tab in the chm. I've been
experimenting tho, and here's what I discovered:

If I add the following to the [OPTIONS] section:

Default Window=MyWindow
Binary Index=Yes
Index File=Index.hhk

And add a [WINDOWS] section (in the place where htmlhelp.hhp.tail would
put it):


Then I get an index tab and the added features and everything apparently
works fine output-wise. However, the html help compiler complains:

HHC5003: Error: Compilation failed while compiling Index.hhk.
HHC5003: Error: Compilation failed while compiling Index.hhk.

The following files were not compiled:

This doesn't bother me if the output really is ok (at first glance it
looks fine--I'll have to look it over more to be sure) and in any case
it's probably really a question for a htmlhelp list somewhere, but I
thought all this might be of interest to other htmlhelp.xsl users.


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