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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: Re: <informaltable> with <title>

On Wed, Jan 02, 2002 at 05:52:20PM -0500, Norman Walsh wrote:
> / Baurjan Ismagulov <ibr@gantek.com> was heard to say:
> | <!ELEMENT InformalTable - - ((%formalobject.title.content;)?,
> |                              (Graphic+|MediaObject+|tgroup+)) %tbl.table.excep;>
> Yuck. I suggest that a role attribute on <table> to suppress the
> leading "Table N." would be better.

Yes, I agree. I even thought about it, but got scared very quickly due to

> Of course, then you have to get the numbering of the other tables
> right. :-)

I hope I'll be able to do that some day.

> Why do you want this distinction? (I'm not challenging your need, I
> just want to understand it.)

Well... I have informal tables with titles :) . For instance, users
writing <book>s are required to put their resumes in standard form at
the end of the book. I put the resume in an <article>. It contains three
tables: personal data, education and experience (the latter two with
titles). I don't want these to be listed in the LOT.

In addition, I have other problems I couldn't solve yet:

1. I need to put a page with some text into a <book> right after the
   titlepage. It doesn't have a title. It should come before the TOC. It
   shouldn't show up in the TOC (currently I use an <article> inside the
   <book>, and it doesn't satisfy either condition).

2. (Haven't looked at this one actually). The <book> should have two
   abstracts in different languages. I format them as <preface>s. These
   prefaces should come before the TOC, right after
   that-page-with-some-text mentioned above.


Thanks in advance,

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