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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: authoritative source for SGML ISO character entitydefinitions?

Matt G. writes: 

> Sorry if the answer to this question is obvious or well-known, but I 
> recently discovered that I ought to be using the SGML character entities, 
> if I'm using DSSSL (yup, the 'ol "X00E1" is not a function name error).  
> Once I discovered that I needed these entities, I reviewed all the 
> documents I knew of, which describe installing DocBook, and couldn't find 
> any pointer to the SGML ISO character entities. 
> BTW, To fix the above error, all I had to do was install the entity 
> definition files, which take the form 'iso-*.gml', (though the ones I 
> found are potentially stale, which is why I'm asking) and create a catalog 
> file that maps each PUBLIC identifier for one of these files to the SGML 
> version.  Then, I placed the path to this file in my SGML_CATALOG_FILES 
> environment variable, *before* the docbook.cat that was included with the 
> XML DTD.  I don't know whether the first PUBLIC -> SYSTEM identifier 
> mapping is supposed to take precedence over any following ones, but it 
> seems to work this way with OpenJade 1.3. 
> (I just thought I'd write up the above paragraph, as I had surprising 
> difficulty finding this information in the mailing list archives, though 
> maybe I was just unlucky in which of my search hits I chose to read, 
> first.) 

Have a look at

To summarize: The entities I use is located at 


I don't know if this is the "authorative" version, but the name suggests so. 
Anyway, they work perfectly for me! 

Best regards 


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