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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: authoritative source for SGML ISO character entitydefinitions?

I maybe completely wrong here... but...

... In linux land, there is a package called sgml-common which contains
the definitions.

I suspect it started life originally as part of the cygnus docbook

It gives the source as the relevant page on the ISO web site... where,
assuming you can work out which standard it is, you can hand over some
money and get a copy.


Otherwise, use the definitions in the package (look for sgml-common at
http://rpmfind.net) ...

Really, the linux tools (RPMs from say, redhat, Mandrake et. al) are
getting to the point where they provide a good environment for docbook
processing "out of the box".

I suspect the BSD toolchain is also quite good.

Anyway, it is worth investigating these - lots of nice little scripts
for managing catalogs etc.

In addition, the Linux Standards Base also has a section on the
localtion of XML/SGML files (where to put catalogs etc). Also worth
having a look at.

I also have a feeling that they are on the CD that accompanies the
DocBook book... 

Again, I'm sure someone knows better than I do ;-).

On Tue, 2002-01-15 at 11:58, Matt G. wrote:
> Sorry if the answer to this question is obvious or well-known, but I 
> recently discovered that I ought to be using the SGML character entities, if 
> I'm using DSSSL (yup, the 'ol "X00E1" is not a function name error).  Once I 
> discovered that I needed these entities, I reviewed all the documents I knew 
> of, which describe installing DocBook, and couldn't find any pointer to the 
> SGML ISO character entities.
> BTW, To fix the above error, all I had to do was install the entity 
> definition files, which take the form 'iso-*.gml', (though the ones I found 
> are potentially stale, which is why I'm asking) and create a catalog file 
> that maps each PUBLIC identifier for one of these files to the SGML version. 
>   Then, I placed the path to this file in my SGML_CATALOG_FILES environment 
> variable, *before* the docbook.cat that was included with the XML DTD.  I 
> don't know whether the first PUBLIC -> SYSTEM identifier mapping is supposed 
> to take precedence over any following ones, but it seems to work this way 
> with OpenJade 1.3.
> (I just thought I'd write up the above paragraph, as I had surprising 
> difficulty finding this information in the mailing list archives, though 
> maybe I was just unlucky in which of my search hits I chose to read, first.)
> Matt Gruenke

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