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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: MSXML and docbooks

> I think this is related to the mishandling of namespaces
> by the parser.  In the common/l10n.xml file, it
> sets the DOCTYPE to the l10n.dtd, which declares
> the <l10n> element.  But the language files like en.xml
> all define a namespace and then use <l:l10n> as the
> element name.  If the parser were handling name
> spaces correctly, this would work, but otherwise it
> thinks they don't match.  What parser is the ASP side
> using?  Perhaps moving up to MSXML4 would fix it.
> --

I have had trouble grasping namespaces in the past (i.e. comparing what I
read about them to how they behave in MSXML), so that would be a salve for
my ego somewhat if I found that to be true ;-)

It was using MSXML 3 but I upgraded my machine to 4 to test your theory and
I get the same exact error... at least the thing is consistent, irritating
though it may be.

Thanks for the suggestion though!


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