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Subject: DOCBOOK-APPS: MSXML and IIS transformations

Rather than launch into the latest of a seemingly endless list of issues that I seem to be having with dynamically transforming docbook xml using the XSL stylesheets and IIS (msxml4), I figured it was better and less painful for everyone else to ask... is anyone doing this?  If so, they may have hit all of these things previously... looking for very focused wisdom here ;-)
Bruce Morrison
Windows 2000 Server
docbook 4.1.2
docbook xsl 1.48
Basically loading the xml into DOM 1
loading docbook.xsl into DOM 2
and then (attempting) to spit out the transform using DOM1.transformNode(DOM2)
No dice though... latest issue is in autoidx.xsl, but it seem to be more an issue with how MS deals with the inline DTD?  Not sure.

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