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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: Images in tables in RTF output

Yes, it's a very well known problem I'm afraid. Using tables doesn't
work neither with rtf nor tex. So it has been said that "FLOAT IMAGES

Anyway, the folks of Mandrake have made a customization of Jadetex
and the DSSSL to allow text wrap along one side of an image. See:


Hope this help,

Juan R. Migoya

Andrew Westcombe wrote:

> We're rather fond of tabulating various GUI items and including a small
> image of the item in the table. This looks great in HTML, but we're finding
> that our RTF output (from SGML DocBook 3.1 via jade and DSSSL) is erratic
> in this regard. The images wind up next to the table, and so have to be
> laboriously replaced in the table from which they sprang.
> Is this a well-known problem? If not, I'll update my stylesheets, etc. But
> before I did that I just wanted to find out how unique we are in this regard.
> Thanks
> Andrew Westcombe
> Documentation Manager
> Gaming and Entertainment Technology (GET)
> ph  02-9419-2000               email: asw@getsystems.com
> ------------------------------------------------

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