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Subject: RE: DOCBOOK-APPS: Re: Help project structure

> 2) Be allowed to specify which file is the default in the .hhp file

> 6) Ability to specify the title of the help project.  
> Currently, for me, it
> defaults the title of my first <chapter>.

I need to chew on the other items, but for now: I've gotten those kind
of customizations to work (tho you do get an error message from hhc.exe,
it doesn't seem to impact the output):

An easy hack would be to turn on use ids as filenames, make the id of
the default topic "defaulttopic" and then put defaulttopic.html in the
appropriate places in the window definition in the hhp:

BroadJump="Database Reference

On my wish list for the xsls is a generated "related topics" list for
each section. I was talking with another writer here this morning and we
had this idea: the xsl looks at each indexterm in a topic (chunkable
thing) and then checks to see if any other topics contain that
indexterm, if so, it's added to the list of related topics. Since the
chm format is Windows/IE only, you'd be safe in using a Javascript drop
down in the header or footer, though the list could be as simple as
appending a list to the end of each topic.


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