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Subject: DOCBOOK-APPS: RE: DOCBOOK: Problems creating pdf file of tdg


It is no wonder, that you can't compile the TDG, and don't expect to be 
able to untill Norm releases it officially. I would guess, that you have 
to do some magic, before you can translate the stuff.

I realized this, when I tried to check out the XSL-Stylesheets from the 
CVS. Norm specifcly warns the user, that some extra stuf (cvs tools) are 
required  before the CVS version of the XSL stylesheets are usable. 

So you will either wait until the final release, or tune the stuff 
TDG sources yourself.

There are some support for the EBFN extension in the XSL 1.48 collection.

You should also look at Norm HTML stylesheet for the TDG. You might 
identify misc hacks there.

Regarding Bob's comment on the saxon extensions, besides including the 
right extension (depending on the version of saxon, you are using), 
remember to eable the misc extensions.

Best approach is the create you own cusomized xsl file, which import 
fo/docbook.xsl, and the set the fo parameters according to the reference 



On Wed, 6 Feb 2002, Kraa de Simon wrote:

> I would not mind buying a copy of TDG...
> It's just that I'm a bit worried about the fact that I cannot publish a pdf
> copy of TDG at this point.

> I made some docbook xml files myself and could convert them successfully to
> pdf format.
> I'm afraid that once the xml files become more complex (like TDG) I will get
> into trouble.
> My question is:
> Are the problems that I'm experiencing because the docbook-xsl-1.48 is not
> "in sync" with the current TDG xml files from CVS and the docbook dtd it is
> using? (TDG is using the EBNF Module version 1.0 (or 1.2?) which is an
> extension to DocBook XML V4.1.2 It adds support for EBNF (extended
> Backus-Naur form) diagrams)
> In other words:
> Will I get into trouble if I use 'standard' docbook dtd 4.1.2 and docbook
> xsl 1.48?
> Simon.

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