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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: access revnumber for footer

This is what I have (for me, the relevant element is "releaseinfo",
but I think you can do the same way with "revnumber"):


(define (page-inner-footer gi)
  (let* (
   (select-elements (children (sgml-root-element)) (normalize
   (select-elements (children bookinf) (normalize "productname")))
   (select-elements (children bookinf) (normalize "releaseinfo")))
   (select-elements (children bookinf) (normalize "pubdate"))))
  ;; (foot (join (list bookname "Rev:" bookrel " " bookdate)))
    (with-mode footer-inner-mode
      (make sequence
 font-posture: 'italic
 font-family-name: "Helvetica"
 font-size: 8pt
 (process-node-list bookname)
 (literal "\no-break-space;Rev:")
 (process-node-list bookrel)
 (literal "\no-break-space;")
 (process-node-list bookdate)))))


Juan R. Migoya

Tammy Fox wrote:

> How do I access the value of the revnumber to
> add in a header or footer?
> Thanks,
> Tammy

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