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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: first page of chapter top margin

[It's too early in the morning to think hard.. so I may have made some
errors below - hopefully someone else will spot them]

Each chapter is a simple-page-sequence.

The top-margin is the same on every page in the s-p-s.

So you can't have a different top-margin for just the first page of the

A different approach is required.

Each chapter (and appendix) begins with a title. So what we can do is
increase the space-before of the paragraph that contains the title.

This is all done in print/dbcompon.dsl

The funtion $define-component-title$ starts at line 250 in

The paragraph for the title is constructed at line 269. You can see that
it does:

space-before: (* (HSIZE 4) %head-before-factor%)

This means that the size will actually varying according to bf-size and
head before-factor.

What you probably want is a constant - so that the title begins
somewhere down the page. For example:

space-before: 72pt

So, you will need to copy the entire function and paste it into your
customisation layer and make the appropriate change.

Here is something from one of my own stylesheets which I think tackles
that same problem (I can't remember why a bit of it is commented out!).

Anyway, have a play and see what happens:

---- 8< -------------------------------
(define ($component-title$)
  (let* ((info (cond
		((equal? (gi) (normalize "appendix"))
		 (select-elements (children (current-node)) (normalize "docinfo")))
		((equal? (gi) (normalize "article"))
		 (node-list-filter-by-gi (children (current-node))
					 (list (normalize "artheader")
					       (normalize "articleinfo"))))
		((equal? (gi) (normalize "bibliography"))
		 (select-elements (children (current-node)) (normalize "docinfo")))
		((equal? (gi) (normalize "chapter"))
		 (select-elements (children (current-node)) (normalize "docinfo")))
		((equal? (gi) (normalize "dedication"))
		((equal? (gi) (normalize "glossary"))
		 (select-elements (children (current-node)) (normalize "docinfo")))
		((equal? (gi) (normalize "index"))
		 (select-elements (children (current-node)) (normalize "docinfo")))
		((equal? (gi) (normalize "preface"))
		 (select-elements (children (current-node)) (normalize "docinfo")))
		((equal? (gi) (normalize "reference"))
		 (select-elements (children (current-node)) (normalize "docinfo")))
		((equal? (gi) (normalize "setindex"))
		 (select-elements (children (current-node)) (normalize "docinfo")))
	 (exp-children (if (node-list-empty? info)
			   (expand-children (children info) 
					    (list (normalize "bookbiblio")
						  (normalize "bibliomisc")
						  (normalize "biblioset")))))
	 (parent-titles (select-elements (children (current-node)) (normalize
	 (info-titles   (select-elements exp-children (normalize "title")))
	 (titles        (if (node-list-empty? parent-titles)
	 (subtitles     (select-elements exp-children (normalize "subtitle"))))
    (make sequence
      (make paragraph
	font-family-name: %title-font-family%
	font-weight: 'bold
	font-size: (HSIZE 4)
	line-spacing: (* (HSIZE 4) %line-spacing-factor%)
        space-before: 72pt
        space-after: 24pt
	start-indent: %body-start-indent%
	first-line-start-indent: %body-start-indent%
	quadding: %component-title-quadding%
	heading-level: (if %generate-heading-level% 1 0)
	keep-with-next?: #t

	(if (string=? (element-label) "")
	    (literal (gentext-element-name-space (current-node))
		     (gentext-label-title-sep (gi))))

	(if (node-list-empty? titles)
	    (element-title-sosofo) ;; get a default!
	    (with-mode component-title-mode
	      (make sequence
		(process-node-list titles)))))
;;      (make paragraph
;;	font-family-name: %title-font-family%
;;	font-weight: 'bold
;;	font-posture: 'italic
;;	font-size: (HSIZE 3)
;;	line-spacing: (* (HSIZE 3) %line-spacing-factor%)
;;	space-before: (* 0.5 (* (HSIZE 3) %head-before-factor%))
;;	space-after: (* (HSIZE 4) %head-after-factor%)
;;	start-indent: 0pt
;;	first-line-start-indent: 0pt
;;	quadding: %component-subtitle-quadding%
;;	keep-with-next?: #t
;;	(with-mode component-title-mode
;;	  (make sequence
;;	    (process-node-list subtitles))))

On Fri, 2002-02-08 at 04:09, Tammy Fox wrote:
> How do I change the top margin of the first page of each chapter and
> appendix?
> I tried setting the head-after-factor in the component-title
> definition, but that didn't seem to have any effect.
> I'm using DSSSL stylesheets.
> Thanks,
> Tammy

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