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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: saxon 6.5 not working with textinsert.extension

>>>>> Steinar Bang <sb@dod.no>:

>>>>> Steinar Bang <sb@dod.no>:
>> Platform: Intel PIII, RedHat 7.2, JDK 1.3.1, Saxon 6.5-1mdk (from the
>> Mandrake Cooker distribution), DocBook 4.1.2, DocBook-XSL 1.48

>> (example files attached at the end)

> [snip!]
>> When I do this, I get error messages both when generating HTML and FO:
>> cd /home/sba/tmp/docinclude/
>> make -k 
>> saxonbatch -o testdoc.html testdoc.xml local-html.xsl
>> No insertfile extension available.
>> Processing terminated by xsl:message at line 264
>> make: *** [testdoc.html] Error 1
> [snip!]

> I think I've found the answer
> 	<http://sources.redhat.com/ml/docbook-apps/2001-q4/msg00171.html>

A more correct reference is the documentation:

> I need to put the appropriate .jar file from the extensions/
> directory of the DocBook-XSL distribution, into the CLASSPATH before
> running saxon.

> Ie. 
> %.html: %.xml
> 	export CLASSPATH="/path/to/docbook-xsl/extensions/saxon65.jar";
> 	saxonbatch -o $@ $< $(HTMLSTYLE)

This wasn't quite right.  The saxonbatch script overrides CLASSPATH,
without caring about its earlier setting.  Giving a -cp argument to
saxonbatch put it after the class name, where it didn't work.  So I
had to run the saxon class directely with an appropriate classpath:

SAXON=java -cp $(SAXONEXT_CP):$(SAXON_CP) com.icl.saxon.StyleSheet

%.html: %.xml
	$(SAXON) -o $@ $< $(HTMLSTYLE)

"SAXONEXT_CP" is wherever you have the appropriate .jar file in an
installed DocBook-XSL distribution.

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