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Subject: DOCBOOK-APPS: "XXXX is not a function name" errors - again

Hi All,

I hesitate to bring this issue up again on the list, but...

I am setting up an OpenJade/DSSSL/DocBook XML system on Mac OSX. With help
from folks on the list I have got it working, but I can't get rid of those
darn "XXXX is not a function name" errors.

Looking in the list archive, I see that this has been discussed on several
previous occasions, and the gist of the advice is to:

1. Ensure that catalog files don't have any SGMLDECL=xml.dcl type statements

2. Set the .dcl file in the call to OpenJade:

jade -t sgml -d /my/path/html/docbook.dsl /path/to/xml.dcl myfile.xml

I am doing this, but I still get the errors. I suspect that there may be a
catalog somewhere that has a SGMLDECL=xml.dcl type statement, so my question
is, where does OpenJade look for catalogs?

I have set up a Master Catalog, which is referenced by the
SGML_CATALOG_FILES environment variable. I know that OpenJade looks for a
catalog file in the same folder as the file being processed, but does it
look anywhere else?

Thanks for any help,


From: Nick Hunt


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