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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: No callout numbers in the code with programlistingco

Bob Stayton wrote:
> On Thu, Feb 14, 2002 at 04:21:02PM -0600, Patrick Hartling wrote:
>>Patrick Hartling wrote:
>>>Bob Stayton wrote:
>>>>Can you generate your .fo file with Xalan and see if
>>>>the callouts are getting in there?  If so, then it
>>>>is a FOP problem on the back end.
>>>I tried Xalan 2.2, and I saw nothing in the .fo file that showed the 
>>>callouts with the code.  I am trying to get 2.3.D1 to work, but I am 
>>>having some problems with finding DocBook files such as dbnotnx.mod and 
>>>many .ent files.  If I copy the files it cannot find into my working 
>>>directory, it catches an array out of bounds exception:
>>>(Location of error unknown)XSLT Error 
>>>java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 6 >= 1
>>>I realize that that is probably not very helpful output, but it is all I 
>>>have to work with so far.  Are there command line options I need besides 
>>>-IN, -XSL, and -OUT?  I've tried running org.apache.xalan.xslt.Process 
>>>with JDK 1.3.1 and 1.4.0, and both give me the same (frustrating) results.
>>I apologize for responding to my own message, but I misspoke in the above 
>>paragraph.  If I use JDK 1.4.0 and the latest Xalan snapshot (20020214), 
>>I do not get any of the errors about missing files or array access 
>>exceptions.  (I had a path set incorrectly when I was testing things.) 
>>However, even with the latest snapshot, the callout numbers still do not 
>>appear in the .fo file.
> Check a couple more things before you give up.
> To use any extension functions the parameter
> 'use.extensions' needs to be non-zero (the default is zero).
> To use the callouts, the 'callouts.extension' parameter
> needs to be non-zero (that's 1 by default).
> And the parameter 'callout.graphics.path' needs to
> be set to the directory containing the callout image files.
> Then you need to make sure the correct extensions jar file
> is in your CLASSPATH when you run Xalan.  You need
> docbook-xsl-1.48/extensions/xalan2.jar in your case.
> Those steps should at least get the callouts code into
> the fo file.  Whether FOP will handle it properly
> is another question

Okay, all of this did the trick for the .fo file.  Neither FOP nor XEP 
are handling the span elements properly, however.  Is there something 
else I am missing?  HTML generation using Xalan works like a charm, 
though, and I am happy with that.  Thanks for the help.

What is a good value for callout.graphics.path?  Right now, I just have a 
subdirectory named images that contains PNGs.


Patrick L. Hartling                     | Research Assistant, VRAC
patrick@vrac.iastate.edu                | 2624 Howe Hall -- (515)294-4916
http://www.137.org/patrick/             | http://www.vrac.iastate.edu/

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