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Subject: DOCBOOK-APPS: "XXXX is not a function name" errors - again

Hi All,

Many thanks to those who replied to me regarding this perennial question. I
have now got this working, though perhaps it is not quite by the means

For those who may be interested, my setup is this:

1. SGML_CATALOG_FILES points to my "super-catalog".

2. This in turn contains the following elements:


A SYSTEM identifier that can be put into the doctype declaration of the xml

SYSTEM "urn:x-oasis:docbook-xml-v4.1.2"

Translation of the PUBLIC to SYSTEM identifiers for the ISO entities, in the

PUBLIC "ISO 8879:1986//ENTITIES Diacritical Marks//EN"

Note that these point to the SGML version of the entity files, not the XML
ones that come with docBook.

The docbook catalog:

CATALOG /users/shared/docbook/lib/docbook/docbook-dtd-412/docbook.cat

The  dsssl catalog:

CATALOG /users/shared/dsssl/docbook/catalog

The jade catalog:

CATALOG /users/shared/dsssl/openjade/catalog

The order of things is presumably important, but I haven't played with it to
find out how, since it now works for me. Note that the three included
catalogs are unmodified, so updating should be easy.

This now works with Jade 1.3.1, using a command in the form:

openjade -t rtf -d /users/shared/dsssl/docbook/print/print.dsl
/users/shared/dsssl/docbook/dtds/decls/xml.dcl test.xml

Note that the .dcl file is xml.dcl - docbook.dcl still causes the "not a
function" errors.

So again, a big thanks to those who helped with this one.


From: Nick Hunt


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