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Subject: DOCBOOK-APPS: Re: table visible in html, not in pdf

Thanks Bob!

Your tip inspired me to learn about how to use the customization features.

My table appears now but the ulink hrefs are formatted in an ugly manner, they are too long to fit easily in a table cell and they actually appear as follows:


Ugly is one problem but download" actually got hyphenated :-)

I'll look for the cause and try out some more customization.


I'm getting the following error:

[ERROR]: Error in content-height property value '50%': org.apache.fop.fo.expr.PropertyException: No conversion defined

It seems to be generated by the following type of xml:

  <imagedata fileref="images/png/gs-7-1.png" format="PNG" scale="50"/>

This also looks like a feature not supported by fop.


I suppressed the following warning:

[WARN]: property - "last-line-end-indent" is not implemented yet.

by commenting out the offending lines in toc and autotoc.xsl in my customization file.  While not seeing all the warnings makes it easier to focus on the more important problems I wonder if this is a bad strategy.  I'll need to pay attention to when fop supports this property and remove my customizations.

At 1:57 AM -0800 2/17/02, Bob Stayton wrote:
>On Sat, Feb 16, 2002 at 03:12:23AM -0500, Stephen wrote:
>> I'm using docbook v4.12 and the v1.48 docbook xsl stylesheets.  I'm processing the fo output through Fop-0.20.3rc and I don't seem to need the extra step of fo-patch-for-fop.xsl.  Most everything seems to work.
>> However the table I made shows up in html but not in the
>> pdf.  The table does show up in the "List of Tables"
>> however at the end of the line of "...." there is no page
>> number.
>There's nothing wrong with your table, just a deficiency
>in the current version of FOP.
>See the second paragraph of this message:
>Hugues suggests commenting out lines in formal.xsl, but instead
>you can add a replacement template for 'table' in your
>customization and not edit the original xsl files.  I
>copied the template with match="table" from formal.xsl to
>my XSL customization file and commented out these lines:


-- Stephen Bannasch
   Director of Technology, Concord Consortium
   http://www.concord.org  mailto:stephen@concord.org 

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