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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: Image in document header ??

Try this:

(define (page-inner-header gi)
   ((equal? (normalize gi) (normalize "dedication")) (empty-sosofo))
   ((equal? (normalize gi) (normalize "lot")) (empty-sosofo))
   ((equal? (normalize gi) (normalize "part")) (empty-sosofo))
   ((equal? (normalize gi) (normalize "toc")) (empty-sosofo))
	(make sequence
		font-size: 2.54cm
     	 (make external-graphic
		display?: #f
		entity-system-id: "C:/logos/mylogo.pdf"
		max-width: 2.54cm
		max-height: 2.54cm

Juan R. Migoya

Declan Halpin wrote:
> Hi ,
> Is it possible to put images in document header elements ?
> Tried the following but it doesn't work for me. Anyone got ideas on this ???
> Thanks
> Declan.
> (define (page-inner-header gi)
>   (let* (

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