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Subject: DOCBOOK-APPS: selecting imagedata for fo and html, scaling using depth

I would like to use a scaled high-resolution image for fo and an unscaled lower resolution image for html output.

Originally I intended to use eps or tiff formats for the fo and png for the html however the XSL docbook stylesheets don't support TIFF or EPS imageformats yet.  So I am using a png image for both.

Fop doesn't understand image scaling but I've got a workaround for that (see below).  But now I'm left with serving images much larger than I'd like on the html page in order to get reasonable print resolution.

Fop workaround for scaling:

Fop doesn't seem to understand the scale attribute it does interpret the depth attribute which will set the vertical size of the image in points.  

The following media object:

	<imagedata fileref="images/png/ccprobe-screenshot1.png" format="PNG" depth="200"/>

Produces this fo output:



(using Fop 0.20.rc3, DocBookXSL 1.49)

-- Stephen Bannasch
   Director of Technology, Concord Consortium
   http://www.concord.org  mailto:stephen@concord.org  

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