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Subject: DOCBOOK-APPS: Treatment of links in print

Hello all,
I've been using docbook and openjade quite happily to produce HTML and
print documentation for
some time, but my knowledge of it is superficial at best.

I now want to render a rather heavily-linked  HTML document in print
form, and I'd like to process the links
to give the reader with more than just a heading (if possible)

I would like to render
For an example of this procedure, refer to
<link linkend="foo">Foo</link>


"For an example of this procedure, refer to Foo (p. 29)"

Where 29 is the page. I'd also be satisfied with

"1.2.3 Foo"  where 1.2.3 is the subsection.

Anything that would let the user flip directly to the proper page.
Currently links only appear as italicized terms.

I found a two-year-old thread on this topic, but it didn't appear to be

I'm currently using the docbook DSSSL stylesheets 1.72
with openjade and tex to produce pdf and postscript documents.

Any suggestions on rendering links on paper would be welcome,
Thanks in advance,

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