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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: openjade - chapter rendering and other quesions

On Thu, 2002-06-13 at 15:14, Baráth Gábor wrote:
> Hi, is there anybody knows:
> - how to make openjade when producing two-sided
>   output, to put the chapter to the next available
>   page (not to next even (right side)?

If you are using reasonably recent DSSSL modular stylesheets, openjade
and jadetex then you can use the characteristic

which can either be true of false (#t or #f).

Probably putting the following in your driver file is the easiest way to
do it:

(declare-characteristic two-side-start-on-right?

> - how can i produce back cover for the book?

You need to decide which elements in the markup describe/contain the
matter for the back cover. The produce some DSSSL to handle the markup -
and lay it out as you want (borrow heavily from the stuff that does the
front cover).

> - how can i put toc and lot to the same page?

You would need to identify the DSSSL which produces the toc and lot
(they are probably separate simple-page-sequences) at the moment - and
produce in your "driver" a customised version which has them as a single
single-page-sequence. dbcompon.dsl is probably the place to start (or
whatever calls the functions in dbautoc.dsl).

> Thanks for any help:
> G.

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