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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: Direct DocBook2txt?

At 22:18 03/06/2002 +0200, Tomas Valusek wrote:
>I'm an editor of a Czech magazine for blind computer users. I'm working on
>WinXP, and currently almost all articles are written in HTML and converted
>to plain text because of accessibility (some subscribers can't use HTML). I
>use MSIE6 to produce plain text, but a manual correction is needed. Since
>there should be no indentation of paragraphs, I can't use Lynx for creating
>text output.
>Is there an XSL/DSSSL stylesheet available for direct XML->TXT conversion,
>so I could possibly modify it for my needs?

I've written a stylesheet that produces plain text for blind users, word wraps
at 72 characters.

Uses a Saxon extension to do the word wrapping.

Available if required.

regards DaveP

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