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Subject: DOCBOOK-APPS: Literals and strings?!?

Sorry to bug you all with something so simple, but I just do not get 
Lisp and I'm starting to think I never will...

I'm trying to replace a section of dbnavig.dsl that generates the 
following table row (content edited for readibility):

  <TD WIDTH="33%" ALIGN="left" VALIGN="top">
    <A HREF="index.php" ACCESSKEY="P">Prev</A>
  <TD WIDTH="34%" ALIGN="center" VALIGN="top">
    <A HREF="index.php" ACCESSKEY="H" >Home</A>
  <TD WIDTH="33%" ALIGN="right" VALIGN="top">
    <A HREF="x36.php" ACCESSKEY="N" >Next</A>

and instead have it generate:

function prev()
function next()

To do so, I've blindly replaced that code with:

(r1-sosofo (make element gi: "script"
  (make sequence
    (literal "function prev() { document.location.href='")
    (href-to prev)
    (literal "'; } ")
    (literal "function next() { document.location.href='")
    (href-to next)
    (literal "'; }"))))

This is almost certainly the hard way to go about this, but I know 
I'm very close.  The problem is those blasted (href-to prev) and 
(href-to next) statements.  They return strings, which makes the make 
sequence command unhappy (ERROR: this context requires a sosofo).

Likewise, if I try to do this with just strings:

(r1-sosofo (make element gi: "script"
      "function prev() { document.location.href='"
      (href-to prev)
      "'; } "
      "function next() { document.location.href='"
      (href-to next)
      "'; }"))))

Then I get an even more peculiar error in an unexpected place (I 
would assume a calling routine):

jade:HTML.dsl\dbhtml.dsl:28:23:E: 1st argument for primitive
"number->string" of wrong type: "#f" not a number

So what the heck is the correct way to append the result of (href-to 
next) to a bunch of literal strings?!?

Thanks a ton,

Gre7g Luterman   gre7g@wolfhome.com  http://www.templeofluna.com/
Stay informed: http://www.templeofluna.com/keeper/mailinglist.htm

         I want to be the master of time and space, a living god,
                            ...and then I'd like to visit Europe.

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