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Subject: DOCBOOK-APPS: DocBook-slides: Proof-Of-Concept styles for DFBpoint andMagicpoint

I've just created two very simple and incomplete XSL styles to convert
DocBook-slides to magicpoint and DFBpoint.  I did not play with these
fancy stiles for each slide, no backgrounds, no nothing.

I'm thinking about how to markup those fancy things.  Global styles
should go either in the styles (or a customization layer), foil-styles
must be added to each foil in the original document.

directfb uses some attributes like:

  <slide bgcolor="#333333" fgcolor="#0033cc">
  <slide bgimage="bg.png">
  <slide effect="slide bottom left" bgimage="bg.png">
  <slide effect="slide top right, blend">

This is clearly presentational markup, another option might be
processing instructions.  For fancy presentations I need to add
something to my Docbook slides.  Do you have suggestions how to do
that cleanly?

If there is interest, I'll try to convert some other presentations and
publish my styles.


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