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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: html-xslt comments, questions, requests

Bob Stayton wrote:
> Well, I thought the divs were there to *enable*
> CSS control by supplying class names to be used
> as selectors.  At least, that's how I use them.

Yes but they also create box containers which implies rectangular 
formatting and carriage return for example.

And also, I don't see the need for code like

<div class="title"><h1 class="title">My Title</h1></div>

As you can very well style this with the "h1.title" CSS selector, and 
have only

<h1 class="title">My Title</h1>

same thing for paragraphs, lists, tables... err... well.. everything... 
I think <div>s can (should) be completely avoided.

> XSLT doesn't have a built-in feature to
> create directories, so building the output tree would
> have to be done with extensions.

I tried to supply both xalan and saxon with directories and they created 
them as needed ("test/test.html" the test folder was created).

> Another approach is to put your path sequence in
> the id attribute of your chunk elements and
> set the 'use.id.as.filename' parameter to 1.
> You can't use "/", but you can use "-" or "_".
> For example:
> <chapter id="myBook_myPart_myChapter">
> would produce a file named "myBook_myPart_myChapter.html".

Mmm, yeah, well still have the extension there.


> Also, have you looked at the 'website' extension of DocBook
> to build websites?  It's available for download from
> http://sourceforge.net/projects/docbook/

Yes, but what I'm really interested in is to have the same DTD for a 
document that will both be printed and published online.

> I'm not sure what the "book chunk" is.  The top level chunk
> for a book is the title page, which may include a legalnotice,
> and does include the TOC.  Are you referring to
> the title page as the book chunk?

Yes. Could the top level title page contain the preface?

> I haven't seen this, but I think it could be a nice
> feature.  So the title page would have a link
> to "Table of Contents", right?  This would be similar
> to the 'generate.legalnotice.link' parameter.

Yeah, again, for the website application, this would be nice to generate 


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