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Subject: DOCBOOK-APPS: Docbook Path problems with XSLTPROC in Windows


I downloaded the xsltproc binaries for win32 (from
http://www.fh-frankfurt.de/~igor/projects/libxml/index.html). It works fine
if I execute from the directory containing the docbook.xsl file, but if I
exec from anywhere else, xsltproc cannot find the docbook include files due
to the relative paths. I've experiemented with various combinations of
specifying absolte and releative paths when I execute xsltproc, but to no
avail. Executing from the same directory all the time would be a royal pain.
Is there some other solution short of hard-coding the paths into the driver
file (and who knows where else), or is that my only option?


Philip Glaser
Principal and Software Architect
Sustainable Software Solutions, LLC

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