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Subject: RE: DOCBOOK-APPS: "Undefined namespace prefix" when processing images

This is a bug in xsltproc in my opinion. It has to do with a new
feature of the stylesheets to allow svg inside an imageobject.
For a workaround have a look at the bug in xsltproc:

In the fo stylesheets there is no svg support in imageobject.
Therefore you don't get the error in fo.


> From: Phil Glaser [mailto:StillSmallVoice@DirectvInternet.com]
> Hi,
> When creating HTML with xsltproc and either docbook xsl 1.51.1 or
> 1.52.2, I
> receive the following error:
>     Error Undefined namespace prefix
>     xmlXPathCompiledEval: evaluation failed
> An HTML file gets created but the document only goes up to the point where
> the image is defined. Here's where it's stoping:
>    <para><figure float="1" pgwide="0">
>    <mediaobject>
> 	    <imageobject>
> 	      <imagedata fileref="datamodel.gif" format="GIF"/>
> 	    </imageobject>
> 	  </mediaobject>
> 	    <title>XML Processing Model</title>
> 	  </figure>
>    </para>
> This problem does not occur with FO --> PDF.
> I saw an earlier post about this in the archives but no answers
> were in the
> archive.
> Philip Glaser
> Principal and Software Architect
> Sustainable Software Solutions, LLC
> StillSmallVoice@DirectvInternet.com
> www.sustainsoft.com
> 973-951-9522

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