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Subject: RE: DOCBOOK-APPS: docbook archives and workflows now!

At 20:08 23/07/2002, Phillip Shelton wrote:
>You might want to look at the LDP and GDP as to how they are doing it.

Pure guesswork, but I think CVS and lots of experience for LDP?
I don't know of GDP.

regards DaveP

>Has anyone anything to say on managing K's worth of docbook files?
>regards DaveP
>Dan, I work for a software shop that produces a suite of integrated 
>products. One of our challenges is managing (relating, versioning, reusing) 
>the content in addition to producing print, HTML Help, and online output. We
>currently store our documents in Microsoft Word. Our documentation base of 
>tens of thousands of topics (hundreds of thousands of pages), growing by 
>upwards of twelve percent a year, is fast becoming unwieldy. We would like 
>writers to devote more time to writing and less to file management, 
>imperfect .doc to .htm conversion, and manual remarkup of help files.
>We are considering the DocBook technology for markup. However, I haven't run
>into a description of a content or document or file management system for 
>DocBook books that would give us the management capability we need. Once we 
>have structured content, how can we work collaboratively, efficiently, and 
>intelligently with a large and expanding web of intricately interrelated 
>topics? We also need to interact with the in-house development log tracking 
>system. We could, of course, build a proprietary application, but such 
>wheels must already be turning, somewhere.
>Can anyone on the list point me in a good direction?

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