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Subject: DOCBOOK-APPS: More performance issues with XSL 1.52.2

In a previous post, I noted that my build time increased by a ridiculous amount (5 hours to 50, more or less) when upgrading from the 1.48 stylesheets to the 1.52.2 stylesheets.  With a little bit of customization (discussed on those threads) I was able to get my time to something slightly faster than the 1.48 stylesheets.  However, that allowed the build to go further than I had allowed it to go, revealing grossly huge memory utilization.  Instead of using around 350MB of RAM, it now maxes out at 1.4GB of RAM, and Java can’t seem to handle any more than that – it crashes.  (I had to play with the –X parameters to get it to go as high as 1.4GB).  I’ve tried a couple of different things, including looking for more customizations and using different Saxon switches, and the long and short of it all seems to be that I can’t use the 1.52.2 stylesheets with Saxon.  I’d switch to xsltproc at this point, but I really need the extension functions Norm provides, and one of my own that handles all of my graphics in a rather nice way.


Any ideas here?


Jeff Beal

Ansys, Inc.




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