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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: Re: SGML vs XML

At 08:59 30/07/2002, Yann Dirson wrote:

>> The really thorny question here is, how long can DocBook resist
>> features that are XML-specific in practice (mixed namespaces,
>> constraints expressed in a schema language other than DTDs), etc.
>> The proposed linking extensions will add XLink-namespaced attributes
>> more-or-less throughout. That works fine in SGML, until someone uses a
>> different xmlns declaration for the XLink namespace in different parts
>> of the same document.
>Why should it be a problem ?  That's something an XML author could
>want to do, but that would just not be available to SGML authors.  Or
>do I miss the point ?

<grin/> My guess only, but quite possibly the nightmare that would
ensue when namespace processing becomes necessary for docbook documents.

Note that some/most of us use docbook for its stylesheets as well
as the DTD. Just call use the hooked group!

regards DaveP 

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