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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: modular DocBook XML

* Boudewijn Rempt; <boud@valdyas.org> on 08 Aug, 2002 wrote:
>On Thursday 08 August 2002 02:12, Peter Elliott wrote:
>> On Wed, 07 Aug 2002 02:24:39 -0700
>> Bob Stayton <bobs@caldera.com> wrote:
>> > I've written up the process I use to set up modular
>> > DocBook XML files.  It is available at:
>> >
>> > http://www.sagehill.net/xml/docbookxsl/ModularDoc.html
>> Just a quick word of thanks for this and all of the other helpful
>> documentation you have provided to the docbook community. cheers

Same from this end very explanatory.

one comment for

rpm -Uv --force libxml2-2.4.22-1.i386.rpm
rpm -Uv --force libxslt-1.0.18-1.i386.rpm

IMO "force" option is a last resort and should be used selectively as it
can replace newer files with old ones. I would suggest as

rpm -Uv  libxml2-2.4.22-1.i386.rpm
rpm -Uv  libxslt-1.0.18-1.i386.rpm


Togan Muftuoglu

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