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Subject: DOCBOOK-APPS: othercredit in sdocbook

This is in regard to The Definitive Guide for Simplified DocBook.

The docs for <othercredit> at


have an example that shows a <contrib> being used, but that element does not 
exist in Simplified DocBook.

Also, under Future Changes it says <affiliation> is going away.
Should that message still be in there?

Is there a way to indicate the type of contributor that you are using
<othercredit> to identify? Would that be a good use for the role attribute?

On another note, are there any guidelines regarding whitespace in role
attributes? For example, is role="foo-bar" preferred over role="foo bar"
for any reason?

   - Mike
  mike j. brown                   |  xml/xslt: http://skew.org/xml/
  denver/boulder, colorado, usa   |  resume: http://skew.org/~mike/resume/

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