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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: FO stylesheets compatibility with PassiveTex and Fop(was Re: Undefined control sequence from pdfxmltex)

At 04:18 06/08/2002, Alex Lancaster wrote:



Nice idea, probably hard to produce something useful.

Question. Is there a 'test' document that utilises all/most of the
xslt transform templates?

If so (no, I agree its not easy), then a few of us could try out
any new release for compatibility?

I personally don't have passivetex (up to date), and I'm on win32.
I could try with both Renderx and Antenna House.

If those of us with the range of setups,
linux, passivetex, fop
win32 passivetex fop etc

could work it between us, using a source document with 'expected output'
as the content, then it could be used to quickly check out new stuff?

Regards DaveP

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