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Subject: DOCBOOK-APPS: Re: Adding [WINDOWS] to htmlhelp xsls

David Cramer wrote:

Reading postponed e-mails after some time, might be completely outdated:

> > <xsl:param name="htmlhelp.hhp.tail">
> > ...
> > </xsl:param>
> htmlhelp.hhp.tail is handy, but I still have to modify the htmlhelp.xsl
> templates at minimum to add the:
> Default Window=MyWindow
> to the [OPTIONS] section of the .hhp, where "MyWindow" is a window name
> in the [WINDOWS] section. In fact, I've discovered I have to add a
> couple of other things too--see below. Looks like I need an
> htmlhelp.hhp.options.tail to go along with htmlhelp.hhp.tail.

Many of these parameters can be controlled by stylesheets params for
quite a while.

> If I use your xsls with no [WINDOWS] section, the index works fine as
> you say (I'm guessing the htmlhelp compiler finds the markup you put in
> the html files (e.g. <OBJECT type="application/x-oleobject"
> classid="clsid:1e2a7bd0-dab9-11d0-b93a-00c04fc99f9e"><param
> name="Keyword" value="Foobar">) and builds the index from that. However,
> when I do include a [WINDOWS] section (and add an entry for Default
> Window to [OPTIONS]), I don't get an index tab in the chm. I've been
> experimenting tho, and here's what I discovered:
> If I add the following to the [OPTIONS] section:
> Default Window=MyWindow
> Binary Index=Yes
> Index File=Index.hhk
> And add a [WINDOWS] section (in the place where htmlhelp.hhp.tail would
> put it):
> MyWindow="BroadJump","toc.hhc","Index.hhk","index.html","index.html",,,,
> ,0x63420,234,0x10387E,[14,3,827,708],0xB0000,,,,,,0

Yes, you must have "Index.hhk" mentioned here.
> Then I get an index tab and the added features and everything apparently
> works fine output-wise. However, the html help compiler complains:
> HHC5003: Error: Compilation failed while compiling Index.hhk.
> HHC5003: Error: Compilation failed while compiling Index.hhk.
> The following files were not compiled:
> Index.hhk
> Index.hhk
> This doesn't bother me if the output really is ok (at first glance it
> looks fine--I'll have to look it over more to be sure) and in any case
> it's probably really a question for a htmlhelp list somewhere, but I
> thought all this might be of interest to other htmlhelp.xsl users.

If you want get rid of these error messages, you can create empty HHK
file (Index.hhk) like this (later version of DocBook XSL stylesheets
create it also):



BTW: I'm investigating all features of HHK files now to use it by
DocBook XSL.

  Jirka Kosek  	                     
  e-mail: jirka@kosek.cz

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