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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: how to comment programlisting or source code

At 10:41 22/08/2002, Bob Stayton wrote:

>Since programlisting is a verbatim block, can't you
>just line  up your annotations manually as you write them? 
>Maybe I'm not understanding what you are trying to do.
>If you are doing long comments that wrap, perhaps you could
>use callouts?

Callouts are a good option.
In html they do take a bit of tweaking, but look good.

Took me some time to imitate Norm, but this is what works 
for me now. I could put them any position on the line.

   <example id="bl.ch">
        <title>Chapter page sequence</title>
        <programlisting format="linespecific">
          format="1">                              <co id='pnf'/>

     &lt;fo:block text-align="outside">               <co id='hd'/>
       Chapter    &lt;fo:retrieve-marker 
          retrieve-class-name="chapNum"/>          <co id='cn'/>
    &lt;fo:leader leader-pattern="space" />
          retrieve-class-name="chap"/>             <co id='ttl'/>   
    &lt;fo:leader leader-pattern="space" />
     Page &lt;fo:page-number font-style="normal" />   <co id='pna'/>
     of &lt;fo:page-number-citation ref-id='end'/>    <co id='lp'/>

  <callout arearefs="pnf">
            <para>The page number is formatted in Roman</para>

          <callout arearefs="hd">
            <para>this block forms the header on these pages</para>
          <callout arearefs="cn">
            <para>The chapter number is retrieved as a marker</para>
          <callout arearefs="ttl">
            <para>The chapter title is retrieved as a marker.</para>
          <callout arearefs="pna">
            <para>The page number is added</para>
          <callout arearefs="lp">
            <para>Last page number of document</para>



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