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Subject: DOCBOOK-APPS: looking to document docbook preparation and presentationon red hat

  as part of a documentation project i'm working on, i want to eventually
document all the pieces one needs to start writing and transforming 
docbook documents under red hat linux.  this would include xml-aware
editors one could use, parsers, transformation engines and so on,
so part of the documentation would include which RPMs are necessary
for this.

  in order to not get completely swamped, i want to restrict this to
XML-based docbook only.  under this restriction, it seems obvious that
there are some RPMs that i have no need for.  as an example, i notice
there's a "docbook-utils" RPM included with the latest red hat beta.
however, it appears that the utilities that are included with that
RPM are for SGML only; therefore, i wouldn't even bother to mention
it.  (or am i misreading that documentation for that RPM?)

  you get the idea -- sort of a complete newbie's guide to getting
started writing XML-based docbook.  if anyone wants to point me at
sources on the web where i can start collecting this info, that would
be great.  for now, it's primarily for my own benefit, but as i get
a handle on all of this, i'll be writing it up as well.

  so feel free to send me tidbits of info -- which RPMs are critical,
which are non-essential and can be ignored, etc.


Robert P. J. Day, RHCE, RHCI
Eno River Technologies, Chapel Hill NC
Unix, Linux and Open Source corporate training


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