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Subject: DOCBOOK-APPS: Manually Chunking with PIs


after searching quite a bit i found the possibility to chunk docbook 
docs manually with maketoc.xsl and chunktoc.xsl and parse them into 
different subdirectories with <?dbhtml dir=..?> PIs (using 
docbook-xsl 1.53) now i have a few question after reading lots of 
stuff about docbook
these questions all belong to the same topic so i post them in one 
message. i hope thats ok for you:

1. the toc file ist generated by maketoc.xsl
but you always have to edit the toc file according to your needs. 

Wouldn't it be nice to have a processing instruction like
<?dbhmtl chunk=0?> or <?dbhmtl chunk=1?> 
to place inside you xml and let maketoc.xsl generate a toc file 
respecting xsl parameters like chunk.section.depth and those PIs??

2. Is there a doc about dbhtml attributes. I found "filename" and 
"dir". Are there more dbhtml attributes which can be used?

3. Directories cant be created by the XSLT Processor. Does anybody 
has written a stylesheet converting toc file to a shell script which  
creates all needed directories?

kind regards,

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