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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: Manually Chunking with PIs

On Tue, Sep 03, 2002 at 11:56:16AM +0200, Janning Vygen wrote:
> Am Montag, 2. September 2002 16:42 schrieb Jirka Kosek:
> > Janning Vygen wrote:
> > > 3. Directories cant be created by the XSLT Processor. Does
> > > anybody has written a stylesheet converting toc file to a shell
> > > script which creates all needed directories?
> >
> > This depends on OS and processor used. E.g. Saxon on Windows is
> > able to create directory if it doesn't exists yet.
> Yes, you are right. I forgot to say that i am using linux and 
> xsltproc. Saxon uses java api to extend the possibilities and it 
> works on linux as well as on windows. 
> But I think the approach of using saxon extensions isn't very useful 
> because xsl stylesheets should be portable.  
> Wouldn't it be better to have an XSL Stylesheet which generates a 
> file with the needed directories?

  Honnestly, no ! That could turn into a nasty security problem.
When an XSLT engine is embedded in say a web server, it's already a
bit hazardeous to allow creating files (extending libxslt to have
some policy control over potential security hazards is an interesting
TODO item), I wouldn't allow to create directories ATM, there is too
many security implications (think about a sytlesheet with an hidden
template creating .ssh/authorized_keys for example).
  Too dangerous without a proper framework, 


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