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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: Re: DOCBOOK: Announce: BibTex for Docbook

On Tuesday 03 September 2002 14:06, Jirka Kosek wrote:
> "E.L. Willighagen" wrote:
> > BTW2, I posted to docbook@ because I thought I would like to receive
> > comments from people involved in the development of DocBook (both DTD as
> > processing tools)...
> I like idea of your tool as general. But one thing is quite unclear for
> me. Was it really necessary to modify DTD? I think that you can use xref
> or citation elements instead of jref:cite and empty bibliography element
> instead of jref:reflist. Style of citation could be driven by some
> external parameter or processing instruction. Many people want some tool
> like BibTeX for their DocBook bibliographies but I don't think they want
> to use customized DTD for this purpose if it seems that stock DocBook
> offer all necessary markup. But might be I'm missing something.

No, I guess you're not missing anything... Though a two year DocBook user,
I am not an expert...

I prefered not to use DocBook tags to make sure I did not interfere with 
DocBook itself... I've just seen the RefDB implementation...

Ok, how about:

<jref:cite/> -> 
<citation role="JReferences"><xref linkend="ReferenceID"/></citation>
<jref:reflist/> -> 
<bibliography role="JReferences"/>

The role of bibliography @role attribute could be extended to give the 
style... e.g.

<bibliography role="JReferences:ACS"/>

The advantage is (now I see) that anyone can use any customization
wether public or private and still use JReferences... right?

Would this solve your issue? If so, I'll implement this as such in the
next release.

kind regards, and many thanx for the feedback!


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