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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: converting sgml docbook 3.0 to texinfo

Hi Michael,

--- Michael Smith <smith@xml-doc.org> wrote:
> Instead of converting your DocBook source to texinfo, you could try
> converting your generated HTML to texinfo instead. There are at least a
> couple of applications designed to do HTML-to-texinfo conversion:

Thanks, this sounds great! I had done a quick search on google for generic 
SGML converter, I never thought about converting the HTML. 

> If you don't have a local Linux system, maybe you can get
> shell access to a remote one. For example, if you have a Sourceforge
> account, I think you can get SSH access to the Sourceforge "compile
> farm" (cf.sourceforge.net), which includes at least one machine (running
> Red Hat 7.3) that has the docbook2x stuff installed.

I also tried (yesterday) to get docbook2x to run on a P100 with RH7.3 that
I'm using as a router with no luck. It gave errors about "unable to parse
stylesheet". I do have a SourceForge account, I'll try that if the HTML 
conversion doesn't work out. I'd prefer that since we'd rather Cygwin be
self-hosting (i.e., anything that needs to be done can be done on Cygwin). 

Thanks again for your thoughts.

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