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Subject: DOCBOOK-APPS: Re: Announce: DocBook XSL 1.54.1 released

/ Robert Krüger <krueger@signal7.de> was heard to say:
| hi,
| 1.54.1 fixes the non-whitespace problem but I'm still not able to use 
| linenumbering in programlistings (docbook-xsl 1.54.1, xalan 2_4_D1, see 
| stacktrace).
| any idea what I could do to provide you with more info to find the bug?

Off the top of my head, I'd guess that they've changed the API for
extension functions. I don't know when I'll get a chance to look into that.

                                        Be seeing you,

Norman Walsh <ndw@nwalsh.com>      | Every vice you destroy has a
http://www.oasis-open.org/docbook/ | corresponding virtue, which
Chair, DocBook Technical Committee | perishes along with it.--Anatole
                                   | France

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