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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: OT: Searching HTML or On topic, searching xml?

At 18:22 03/09/2002, Bob Stayton wrote:

>> If docbook had a tag for 'searchable' content, as it does for
>> index terms, then it wouldn't be too hard to collate an 'index'
>> of search terms and the html file, even in a chunked output?
>> /would it?
>> I'd like to have such a thing for both my faq's.
>Well, there is 'keyword' and 'keywordset', which can appear
>in any *info element.

Quick response is I want it at the inline level, but that's 
without thought. keyword sounds about right, is it valid
for a 'search term', semantically, and being very aware of the
discussions going on on xml-doc :-)

>  It was the intention of those 
>to embed a list of searchable keywords.  These words
>are output by the HTML stylesheets in <meta name="keywords">
>elements in the HTML head.  Those wouldn't be hard
>to collate into an index. 

As a post process, or as a concurrent/pre process?
Most general application.... OK Mine, is that the references
would be into the html files?

> But they only resolve to
>the HTML file, not a specific anchor location in the file.

Mmm not good enough is it? But could I customise the current 
processor to extend it to some id value?

>Some of your FAQ pages are pretty long.


>Why not just use a regular index if you are going to
>embed terms?  

spoilsport. 'Search terms' == index term I suppose.
Damned semantics eh? 

regards DaveP

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