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Subject: RE: DOCBOOK-APPS: OT: Searching HTML or On topic, searching xml?

At 18:50 03/09/2002, Bradford, Denis wrote:
>> As someoen who works with full-text retrieval systems all content is
>> searchable to me. The presence of such specially tagged 
>> regions is, in my
>> experience, only a hinderance to the average user; those whom 
>> it does help
>> more are information scientists.
>I disagree: most docbook authors are probably not average users. Most are
>certainly not IA types either, but most writers with any experience do know
>something about indexing. If they don't they should. If they're savvy enough
>to use docbook, I doubt coding keywords will give them a lot of trouble.
>The case for indexes is most compelling from the point of view of the
>document consumer. You're right that full-text search is essential for
>robust online documentation, but keyword-based indexing can also be very
>useful. The point is, they're not replacements for each other, but different
>and (ideallay) complimentary types of navigation. I say the more the better.

Thank you Denis. 
  I think I fall into this group. ..... Else I'd be a tei user?
regards DaveP.

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