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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: converting sgml docbook 3.0 to texinfo

--- Michael Smith <smith@xml-doc.org> wrote:
> Instead of converting your DocBook source to texinfo, you could try
> converting your generated HTML to texinfo instead. There are at least a
> couple of applications designed to do HTML-to-texinfo conversion:

This is maddening. db2html, db2rtf, and db2tex (frontends to jade) work great,
while these other converters (which seems to a novice like me to be very 
similar to the above) don't. I'm beginning to suspect our sgml isn't very good
docbook, which is why none of this works. 
Here's a rundown on how everything fails (on RH7.3):

html2texi (both): just produced some junk that nominally looks like 
texinfo, but that makeinfo throws up on. 

docbook2texi: works, but produces a invalid texinfo files

docbook2texi-libxslt: fails with the even more mysterious message 
"docbook2texi-libxslt: cannot parse stylesheet" (none of the other tools
seem to have trouble). More on docbook2x below. 

> Another solution might be to give up on trying to run the conversion on
> your local Cygwin system, and run it on a local or remote Linux system
> that you can get docbook2x installed on or that has docbook2x already
> installed. If you don't have a local Linux system, maybe you can get
> shell access to a remote one. For example, if you have a Sourceforge
> account, I think you can get SSH access to the Sourceforge "compile
> farm" (cf.sourceforge.net), which includes at least one machine (running
> Red Hat 7.3) that has the docbook2x stuff installed.

I tried to get docbook2x installed on my RH7.3 firewall and unfortunately
failed. There is a FAQ on the docbook2x website that says for SGML docbook
files you need to "filter the output from sx with a sed script similar to
testdocs/xmldoctype.sed in the distribution, adding the appropriate !DOCTYPE."
I could not find any such sed script. I did find "osx" (sx is a modem
communication tool on my system) and ran it on my sgml file and it produced...
something that starts with "<?xml version="1.0"?>".

The SourceForge idea is good, but their terms state that "Users on the compile
farm are restricted to using the compile farm for purposes which are of direct
relation to the projects they host on SourceForge." I have an account, but this
honestly has nothing to do with any sf.net project. I can ask on the cygwin 
mailing lists if anyone has a (working) docbook2x setup, but I think I might 
have better luck here, so... would anyone with docbook2x mind giving an sgml
file a quick run?

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