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Subject: DOCBOOK-APPS: problems running openjade-1.3.1

I'm trying to build the openjade package from source; no errors were 
received during compilation, but the build seems to have been unsuccessful.

The documentation says that the package can be tested by running

openjade demo.sgm

in the dsssl directory. This fails; similarly, running make in the 
testsuite directory (after changing the first line of the Makefile to point 
to ../jade/openjade rather than jade) fails.

Specifically, nothing is written to stdout (or any other file), and a very 
long error message is written to stderr. The message is

unknown top level form "define (caar x) (car (car x)) )
[...this part is identical to the middle of dsssl/builtins.dsl...]
(define (q-sdata string #!optional (nl (current-node)))
(node-list-filter (lambda (snl)
(and (equal? (node-property 'class-name snl) 'sdata)
(equal? (node-property 'system-data snl) string)))
" (subgrove nil)))
" (external-procedure "UNREGISTERED::OpenJade//Procedure::language"))on")rg)))

This is on Linux. Does anyone know what might have gone wrong, or what 
other information might help track this down?
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daniels@ling.ohio-state.edu |  like the sound of a thin sheet of metal
Department of Linguistics   |  being shaken backstage during the storm
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