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I am trying to write a dual language document.
One part in english and the other part in german.

I am using Emacs with PSGML mode. Release 1.2.3
I have a standard SuSE installation and have not made any changes
to the default (SuSE) settings of emacs on this computer.

I would like to set up so that I can use entities on the fly when pressing
a strange german character like for example  (ö), so I don't have to
write six characters to get one character.

In the PSGML menu there is a "Make Character Reference" command,
but firstly you have to place the cursor on the character to be converted,
and secondly it generates ࣶ which is even more hard to read than

Idealy I'd like the original character to be displayed by emacs but
the entity written to file.

I guess this is possible with .emacs customizations.

Have anyone come up with a solution to this problem ?


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